"Although I have left public office, my convictions and beliefs are still the same.

I will always be your voice."


Lawrence Chehardy served as Assessor of Jefferson Parish for 34 years. He is the longest serving assessor in the parish’s history. During his time as assessor, Lawrence served as Treasurer, Vice-President, and President of the Louisiana Assessors' Association. He is a graduate of Jesuit High School and Loyola University where he received his business degree in accounting and his law degree.  MORE

Apr 16, 2024

He’s Not the Other Guy

It has been said that you will see everything if you live long enough. Well, I guess I have lived long enough to see things I never thought I would see. The assassinations of JFK, Martin Luther King, and Bobby Kennedy. The Vietnam War. Watergate and the resignation of a one-time very popular president. The taking of American hostages in
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Apr 4, 2024

Beware of the Media – April 4, 2024

Last week, LaPolitics, a publication that covers Louisiana politics and the state legislature, published a “hit” piece on my tenure as Chairman of the Louisiana Tax Commission (2016 – 2023), the state agency that oversees Louisiana’s 64 assessors, among other duties. The article included two interviews with disgruntled parties who appeared before the commission, one on a single tax refund
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Feb 19, 2021

Sobering times in America

Posted January 10, 2021. Reposted February 19, 2021 Last year, 2020, was a year many would like to forget.  Covid-19, hurricanes hitting home, and a presidential election that was forgettable at best.  The wish was that 2021 could not come soon enough.  Well, 2021 came; and, if the beginning of this year is any indication of what the rest of the year is
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Nov 3, 2020

And the next president is…

Today is election day, and it is almost over.  The most contentious presidential election in modern times is about to come to an end.  For over one year the national media has focused on this election; and, in both corners of the political spectrum, the media has taken sides.  The traditional news outlets such as ABC, CBS, and NBC as well as cable
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Sep 21, 2020

The Hypocrisy of It All

A presidential election is just a few weeks away.  Republicans and democrats alike are sniping at one another.  President Donald Trump is on the ropes, and Joe Biden cannot believe that he may just become President after several failed tries. And then Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg dies last Friday bringing more drama to the continuing soap opera we call our
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Dec 23, 2019

Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi: one tune, two different dances

Impeachment is a political process.  It is not a civil trial or a criminal proceeding.  Rather, impeachment is part of a political process that should not be taken lightly but is being exploited by democrats and republicans alike. Three U.S. Presidents have faced impeachment.  President Andrew Johnson’s impeachment came after the assassination of President Lincoln who had formulated a plan to peacefully reunite
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