An embarrassing debate

Joe Biden’s eagerness for an early debate to demonstrate his readiness for a second term backfired. His performance was far from satisfactory, and if he repeats such a display, the fate of the presidential election could be sealed.

President Biden could not put two sentences together without losing his train of thought, a dangerous lack of a state of mind for the president who represents our country here and across the world.  Nations look up to the United States for leadership, and Mr. Biden’s performance gives good cause for those countries to look elsewhere for that leadership.

This was more than a bad debate.  A bad debate is when an individual doesn’t get their points across, looks nervous, and does not know the ins and outs of the job they are seeking.  In this debate, Joe Biden showed his age and inability to govern and function on the world stage. And Democrats covering for Joe Biden is a disservice to America. As Joe Biden said, I know what I know. What is scary is that he doesn’t know what he should know. And that is his mental inability to be America’s President and world leader.

News reports this morning say that his family wants him to remain in the race. That is either a coverup for what is to come, the family’s ego, or his family’s inability to see reality. Joe Biden is a good man. He embarrassed himself last week. Covering up for him so he can stay in the race is not good for him personally or his legacy, and one would hope his family has his best interests at heart.

As a practical matter, we don’t know what is really going on behind the scenes. Is there a real conversation between the president’s family, politicians within the Democratic party, and the large donors and bundlers who may be considering putting their mega millions into other races focused on the Senate and the House? Only time will tell, but voters are still left with two bad choices for president. One is a convicted felon, and one is mentally challenged and not up to the job of being president. The choices are not good.

If Joe Biden remains in the race and falters again at the next debate scheduled for later this year, the election will be over, and a potentially unhinged Donald Trump will be elected president.  Democrats who are covering for Joe Biden by attacking Donald Trump are insulting the American people.  Attacking Donald Trump does not explain Joe Biden’s ineptitude on the debate stage. This election is not about keeping the White House in the hands of the Democrats.  It is about America and who can best do the job for the benefit of all Americans.  Joe Biden is not up to the task, and Donald Trump is dangerous.  These two cannot be the best that our politics has to offer.