And the next president is…

Today is election day, and it is almost over.  The most contentious presidential election in modern times is about to come to an end.  For over one year the national media has focused on this election; and, in both corners of the political spectrum, the media has taken sides.  The traditional news outlets such as ABC, CBS, and NBC as well as cable outlets CNN and MSNBC have clearly favored any democrat over President Trump.  Other news outlets such as Fox News and Newsmax TV favored Donald Trump.  Today voters will make their choice and it could be several days before we know a winner.

I have spoken to many voters who have made their minds up and chosen their guy.  Some others though are confused and don’t know for which candidate to cast their vote, and this is understandable.

When you boil this election down to its basics, you realize that this is election is purely a referendum on Donald Trump and his personal qualities and sometimes bizarre behavior. Mr. Trump enjoyed the practice of name calling which has turned many voters off, Crooked Hillary (Clinton), Cryin’ Chuck (Schumer), Shifty Adam Schiff, Crazy Bernie (Sanders), Bush Original (George H. W. Bush), Little Michael Bloomberg or sometimes Mini Mike, and Sleepy Joe (Biden) among many other names for many other people. 

Besides name calling Mr. Trump’s denial of the severity of the coronavirus (Covid-19) has seriously hurt his credibility, and recently he has hinted at firing Dr. Anthony Fauci who is well respected by the American people.  This virus was no one’s fault in the U.S. but dealing with it falls squarely on the shoulders of Mr. Trump and the federal government.  We are told by health officials that wearing a face covering, a mask, and social distancing are key to containing the virus until an effective vaccine can be distributed to the American people.  Mr. Trump’s response has been quite the opposite.  Mask wearing and social distancing have not been a part of his hugely successful campaign rallies.  Mr. Trump’s recent announcement of a new Supreme Court nominee was called a super spreader event because of the number of people in attendance and the failure of most of them to wear a mask.  So simply put Mr. Trump’s name calling and his weak leadership on the coronavirus have damaged his re-election chances.

All of this said Mr. Trump has lowered taxes and managed a very strong economy for our nation until the coronavirus hit.  Once the virus is under control the U.S. economy will come bouncing back and the next president, regardless of whom that person may be, will benefit from it.

Now Joe Biden has his own issues.  His history of plagiarism in a previous presidential campaign haunts him to this day.  His choice for vice-president has been called the most liberal member of the Senate.  His son’s dealings with foreign governments and business entities don’t help his campaign either.  Mr. Biden has been inconsistent on the issue of fracking, for it or against it, we’re not sure.  Joe Biden struggles to be a moderate in a political party that is far left and out of the mainstream of the American people’s political mindset.  Will Mr. Biden return to his moderate ways once elected, or will he move to the far left once elected?  Will it be the party of a political moderate, Joe Biden, or the party of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and the squad.

The American people have a tough choice to make.  Had Donald Trump better adapted to the role of president, quit his name calling, and focused on sound leadership he would be sailing to a re-election.  He did not do this, so he now faces an uphill fight for a second term.  Joe Biden, on the other hand, concerns many people who fear that he has sold himself to the far left and will impose higher taxes that will weigh down our economy and slow economic growth.  Some folks fear he will impose a very liberal, socialist agenda on America and will chip away at our capitalist society that has served this nation well throughout our history.

Political polls tell us that Joe Biden is the favorite in today’s election.  They also told us the Hillary Clinton would be elected president in 2016.   What all of this means is very simple. Go Vote Today.  It is important.  It is the future of our nation.  The presidency and control of Congress are at stake.